SingTel Recreation Club Team Building

Fun terrarium workshop for a Team Building event for 20 participants organized by SingTel Recreation Club.



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Civil Aviation Authority Workshop

18 green-fingered members of The ticketing department of CAAS had a terrarium workshop as part of their team building event.



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JTC had their “LEAP” event on November 6th for 61 personnel from the Land Redevelopment Division. Thank you for inviting Bloxhome Terrarium to conduct a workshop as part of your LEAP event!






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SAF Terrarium Workshop

A fun workshop for the Intelligence unit of SAF. 25 soldiers took part in the terrarium workshop as part of a team building event.


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Happy SG50 Singapore!



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Recommended Plants for Terrariums

Terrariums generally do not require any maintenance at all. However, due to the humid environment in the terrarium, always select plants that thrives in a humid condition and preferably plants that require minimum, or no, sunlight.

My favourite list are:

1. Maidenhair Fern – easy to grow and thrives in minimum sunlight
2. English Ivy – comes in variegated colours and thrives in indirect sunlight
3. Creeping Fig – a hardy plant that growings quickly, requires pruning
4. Baby Tears – small, low growing plants
5. Aluminium Plant – easy to grow, nice pattern on leaves but requires
indirect sunlight
6. Hypoestes – easy to grow but requires pinching to achieve fuller bush
7. Fittonia – probably the best plants for terrariums. It comes in a
wide variety of colours. Avoid sunlight, too much sunlight makes it

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History of Terrariums

Although terrarium started to be popular in the recent decade, It’s history has gone back to over 188 years ago. It was an accidental discovery in 1827 by Dr. Nathaniel Ward, a London physician with a passion for botany.


Dr. Ward built a fern rockery in his backyard, but the ferns kept dying, poisoned by the fumes from the city’s factories.  When he noticed that several plants had grown healthily in the bit of soil at the bottom of an enclosed jar, he concluded that plants could flourish
in London if they could be protected from the city’s polluted air.


Ward pursued his discovery in miniature greenhouses, which he named fern cases, and which are now known as Wardian cases or terrariums.

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