SingHealth Nursing Retreat

A fun-filled terrarium workshop during the SingHealth Nursing Retreat for 164 nursing staff and leaders. Thanks for the photos, Shu Hui :)









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CDL (Sessions 1, 2, and 3)

Here are some photos from the last 3 terrarium workshops we did for the folks at City Developments Limited (CDL) on 05/06/2014, 10/06/2014, and 11/06/2014. Hope you enjoyed the session as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!

Session 1 – 5th June 2014

Session 2 – 10th June 2014

Session 3 – 11th June 2014

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NTUC Income (Session 1 & 2)

Here are photos from our two sessions over two months at NTUC Income. Our terrarium workshop was part of the annual team building event for their Recreation Club. Thanks for the support and glad you enjoyed creating your own little bottled gardens!

Session 2 – 11th November 2013


Session 1 – 11th October 2013

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MCCY – Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

An enjoyable terrarium workshop for a group of 27 employees during the MCCY (Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth) team building event.

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Teleflex Medical Asia

Just want to share some photos taken during our terrarium workshop for 25 spontaneous staff of Teleflex Medical Asia. It was an enjoyable and interactive class with some participants adding extra spice to their creations using miniature ceramic animals. Thank you!

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Media Development Authority (Session 2)

Here are some photos from the recent terrarium workshop we conducted for the folks from the Media Development Authority. We are glad you enjoyed our first session and many thanks for selecting us for another round of workshops.

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National Healthcare Group HR Retreat

Here are some photos of a 2-in-1 custom workshop for the HR department of the National Healthcare Group held at the SP Graduates’ Guild. The class started off with the basics of terrarium building, where participants get to create their own bottled gardens.

The second part of the workshop involved different teams building a larger group terrarium. It was an enjoyable experience for everyone who pulled together to make it happen. Their communication skills, teamwork, and creativity shone through as can be seen in the photos below.

All-in-all a fantastic group of participants :)

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